BIG3 Fantasy: Playoff Time
Craig Ellenport

The last week of the regular season is always tricky for fantasy players. Which teams have nothing to play for? Which teams might be resting their players in preparation for next week’s playoffs? There’s not as much uncertainty here in the 8-team BIG3 as there would be in, say, Week 16 of the NFL season. But there are a few things to consider:

• Four teams have a lot to play for. The Ghost Ballers, Tri-State, Power and 3’s Company all need to win Sunday. So don’t be afraid to play the best guys from these teams.

• The Ball Hogs and Killer 3s are the only teams that are already eliminated from playoff contention. Don’t expect the Killer 3s to do anything different Sunday, because they will be going all out to end Trilogy’s perfect season. The Ball Hogs will not lay down, either, though it’s interesting to note they had their most balanced attack of the season last week. Captain Brian Scalabrine had his best game of the year (5 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, 1 steal), so maybe this is the week to ride White Mamba.

• Trilogy has locked up the No. 1 seed. But of course they are still chasing perfection. You know they want to take that bow when the game is over, so expect the usual from Al Harrington and company.

• That leaves the 3-Headed Monsters, who are locked into the No. 2 seed in the playoffs. Nothing to gain here from a win-lose standpoint, but it will be interesting to see how badly they want to give Rashard Lewis the BIG3 scoring title. Lewis leads Stephen Jackson by the slimmest of margins, so he’ll need a big game here to have shot at holding off Stak. The Killer 3s play Game 4 on Sunday, so Lewis won’t know how many points he needs – he’ll just have to go for it. That said, the 3-Headed Monsters got solid fantasy efforts last week from their two reserves – Eddie Basden and Kareem Rush. Rush had 14 fantasy points in Week 7 – he had 9 all season before that. Don’t be surprised to see Rush and Basden get more playing time Sunday.

Speaking of sleepers for Week 8, might as well ride Tri-State’s Dominic McGuire. After amassing 16 fantasy points through Week 6, McGuire exploded for 37.5 in Tri-State’s big win over the Ghost Ballers. McGuire did it all – 13 points (including three 3-pointers), 8 boards, 5 assists and 2 blocks. Tri-State has a must-win game Sunday vs. Power, so they’ll need another strong effort from McGuire.


After another strong week, Andre Owens of 3’s Company has just about wrapped up the 2017 BIG3 Fantasy scoring crown. Lewis and Power’s DeShawn Stevenson are within reach if they have monster games, but it would take a lot.

As always, you can check fantasy points for every BIG3 player here.

Week 7 Fantasy Points Leaders

Dominic McGuire, Tri-State 37.5

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 30.5

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 28

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State 25.5

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 25

Cuttino Mobley, Power 24.5

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 23

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 23

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 22

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 20

Overall Fantasy Points Leaders

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 203.5

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 177.5

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 177.5

Cuttino Mobley, Power 166.5

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 159

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 143

James White, Trilogy 140.5

Derrick Byars, Hall Hogs 135.5

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 134 DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company 134


Points Scored/Game

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 21.7

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 21.6

Cuttino Mobley, Power 19.6

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 18.4

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 16.1

Al Harrington, Trilogy 15.4

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers 15.0

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 15.0

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters 14.0

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs 13.7

Total 3-Pointers

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 26

Rasual Butler, Power 18

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 15

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs 12

Mike James, Tri-State 11

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 11

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company 11

Cuttino Mobley, Power 11

Total Rebounds

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 87

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 52

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 52

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 48

Jerome Williams, Power 47

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State 42

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers 42

Al Harrington, Trilogy 42

Cuttino Mobley, Power 40

James White, Trilogy 39


Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 26

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters 21

Cuttino Mobley, Power 20

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 18

Al Harrington, Trilogy 15

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers 15

James White, Trilogy 14

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 14

Mike James, Tri-State 14

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 14


Bonzi Wells, Tri-State 7

Cuttino Mobley, Power 6

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters 6

Mike James, Tri-State 6

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs 6

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers 6

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 6

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 6

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 5

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 5

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 5


Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 6

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company 6

Josh Childress, Ball Hogs 5

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs 5

Cuttino Mobley, Power 4

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 4

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 4

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 4

Lou Amundson, Tri-State 4

Dominic McGuire, Tri-State 4


Amazingly, Reggie Evans DID NOT have a double-double this week. Still, Evans remains the only player in the league averaging double figures in both points and rebounds. … Rashard Lewis (17 points, 11 rebounds) was the only player with a double-double in Week 7, and he becomes the fifth player in BIG3 with multiple double-doubles:

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 4

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 2

Jerome Williams, Power 2

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 2

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 2


Only two 4-pointers made in Week 7, and lowest overall 4-point percentage (2-for-17, .118). Rashad McCants hit his third of the season (he’s one of five players to hit more than one); Al Thornton hit the other in Week 7, making him the 12th player to make a 4-pointer.

Here are the 12 players who have hit at least one 4-pointer:

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 5

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s 4

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company 3

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 3

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 2

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs 1

Cuttino Mobley, Power 1

Mike James, Tri-State 1

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 1

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 1

Xavier Silas, Ball Hogs 1

Al Thornton, 3’s Company 1


Rashard Lewis hit his fourth game-winner of the season, moving past DeShawn Stevenson and Al Harrington for the league lead. The other three players to hit game-winning shots in Week 7 were first-timers: Lee Nailon (Tri-State), Al Thornton (3’s Company) and Rashad McCants (Trilogy).

Of the 18 players who have hit game-winning shots this season, six players have done it more than once. They are:

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 4

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 3

Al Harrington, Trilogy 3

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters 2

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers 2

James White, Trilogy 2

Others who have hit one game-winner:

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company

Cuttino Mobley, Power

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s

Dion Glover, Trilogy

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State

Andre Owens, 3’s Company

Mo Evans, Killer 3s

Rashad McCants, Trilogy

Al Thornton, 3’s Company

Lee Nailon, Tri-State


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