Fantasy Week 6 Scouting Report
Craig Ellenport

It’s hard to say Rashard Lewis is not the leading MVP candidate in this, the inaugural season of BIG3 basketball. The 3-Headed Monsters captain leads the league in scoring, steals and blocks. He is easily the only player in the top 5 in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and blocks.

But would you believe he was not the leading scorer in BIG3 fantasy until this week? Fear not, the cream has risen to the top and Sweet Lew is currently your fantasy king.

That said, a look at the top fantasy scorers this season might surprise some. Seven of the 10 leading scorers in the league are not among the top 10 fantasy scorers – which goes to show you that you need to study all the numbers and find players who are versatile and do more than just sink buckets.

You can check the fantasy leaderboard here. It’s updated each week with the overall points leaders as well as information on how every player in the league fared last week. For the record, here are the top 10 fantasy producers thus far:


Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters            165.5

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                         157.5

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                         150

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                 137

Jerome Williams, Power                               131.5

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                  129

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers                            128

James White, Trilogy                                     123

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters           122

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                  120.5


As for up-and-comers, there were a few players not on this list who were among the top fantasy scorers in Week 5. Two of them have already made their marks on the league and should be on everyone’s fantasy radar – Trilogy’s Rashad McCants and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of the 3-Headed Monsters. But two guys who had their first taste of fantasy success last week are Mike Sweetney of 3’s Company and Lou Amundson of Tri-State. Both were among the top 10 fantasy scorers last week, and both did it largely thanks to rebounding.





Points Scored/Game

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters          22.0

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s                          20.6

Cuttino Mobley, Power                               19.4

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                            18.8

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s                        18.0

Mike James, Tri-State                                  15.8

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                          15.4

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                 15.4

Rasual Butler, Power                                  15.4

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers                        15.0


Total 3-Pointers

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                      19

Rasual Butler, Power                                  15

Mike James, Tri-State                                  11

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs                             9

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                            9

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                 9

Cuttino Mobley, Power                               9

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                        9


Total Rebounds

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                56

Jerome Williams, Power                             47

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters          41

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                        37

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters          37

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers                        32

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State                                  28

James White, Trilogy                                   27

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                          27

Jermaine O’Neal, Tri-State                          26



Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers                                       19

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters        14

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                                    13

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                      12

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers                                    12

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                           12



Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters          5

Rasual Butler, Power                                  5

11 players tied with 4



Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters          5

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                 4

Josh Childress, Ball Hogs                            4

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                4

5 players tied with 3




Two more double-doubles in Week 5: Kwame Brown (11 points, 12 rebounds) and Reggie Evans (12,11). For Evans, it was his league-leading third double-double of the season. Brown and Jerome Williams each have two.




Only one 4-point shot was made in Week 5, on only seven attempts (fewest 4-point tries in any week. Still, the one 4-pointer that was made was critical – the Ghost Ballers were trailing the Killer 3s 44-39 when Mike Bibby hit his league-leading fifth 4-pointer of the season to make it a one-point game. Bibby and the Ballers then came back and won.

For the record, here are the nine players who have made at least one 4-pointer this season:


Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers                           5

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s                        3

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                 3

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters          2

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs                             1

Cuttino Mobley, Power                               1

Mike James, Tri-State                                  1

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                            1

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s                          1




Where you surprised that DeShawn Stevenson ranks second in overall fantasy points? Not only has he hit three game-winning shots – all three of his game-winners were 3-pointers. In BIG3 Fantasy, a game-winning shot is worth 4 points. In other words, those game-winning 3-pointers for Stevenson were worth 7 points apiece in fantasy!

Of the 13 players who have hit game-winning shots this season, five players have done it more than once. They are:


DeShawn Stevenson, Power                                  3

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                             3

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                      2

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters        2

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                                      2


Others who have hit one game-winner:


DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company

Cuttino Mobley, Power

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s

Dion Glover, Trilogy

James White, Trilogy

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State



  • Stephen Jackson of the Killer 3s ranks second in the BIG3 in scoring, but keep in mind that Stak has been doing it out of necessity. Killer 3s captain Chauncey Billups has only played two games this season. Billups, who averaged 18 points in his two games, is back in action this week. Will his return mean less productivity for Jackson? Here’s the data from a small sample size: In three games without Billups, Jackson averaged 21.7 ppg; in two games with Billups, he averaged 18 ppg. Do with that what you will.


  • Three players rank in the top 10 in both scoring and rebounding: Rashard Lewis, Ivan Johnson and Ricky Davis.


  • Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf continues to be one of the hottest players in BIG3. After scoring 6 points in each of his first two games this season, Abdul-Rauf has averaged 19.3 ppg in the last three weeks. He’s also second in the league in assists.


  • With Rasual Butler traded to Power last week, that team now boasts the two leading 3-point shooters in the BIG3. DeShawn Stevenson leads the league with 19 3-pointers. Butler is second with 15. Now that they might be competing for floor time, will that limit fantasy productivity for both men? Likely.



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