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So how did your BIG3 Fantasy squad make out last week? We know that fantasy players love being their own expert – and you can do all the scouting you need by watching the games every Monday night on FS1. But all the best fantasy players know they can use any edge they can get … so here are some news and notes that will help you set your Week 3 lineups:


With two weeks of play in the books, here’s a look at some of the statistical leaders in key fantasy categories. Some of these names are the usual suspects, but some may surprise you — and many of them are available to pick up as free agents in most fantasy leagues.

Note: We’ve included Offensive Rebounds here because offensive rebounds are worth 2 points – twice as many as a defensive rebound. … We included Fouls, because that’s minus-1. (So the fact that Kwame Brown is tied for the league lead with 9 offensive rebounds is partially negated by the fact that he also is tied for the lead with 9 fouls.)

Points Scored

Al Harrington, Trilogy 45

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 44

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs 41

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs 38

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 37

Cuttino Mobley, Power 37

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 35

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 34

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 32

Mike James, Tri-State 30



Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs 9

DeShawn Stevenson, Power 8

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 5

Mike James, Tri-state 5

Total Rebounds

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 22

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 19

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 18

Jerome Williams, Power 17

Dominic McGuire, Ball Hogs 15

Mike James, Tri-state 14


Offensive Rebounds

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 9

Jerome Williams, Power 9

Andre Owens, 3’s Company 6

Al Harrington, Trilogy 6

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 5



Andre Owens, 3’s Company 9

Mike James, Tri-State 8

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 7

Jerome Williams, Power 6

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 5

Dominic McGuire, Ball Hogs 5



Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters 9

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers 9

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 9

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State 8

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s 7

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s 6

Rashad McCants, Trilogy 6

Cuttino Mobley, Power 6



As teams start getting more comfortable with the new game, expect more 4-point shots. The total number of 4-point tries in Week 2 was actually one fewer than in Week 1, but the debut of Chauncey Billups helped increase the number of fours made. Billups made two of his five 4-point tries for the Killer 3s – temporarily tying Ghost Ballers captain Mike Bibby for the league lead. But Bibby had yet to take the court for his game Sunday, and he was determined to maintain his edge. Sure enough, Bibby was 2-for-5 from 4-point territory as well.

After the league was a combined 4 of 20 on 4-pointers in Week 1, it finished 6 of 19 in week 2. Only six players have hit at least one 4-pointer thus far:

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers 4

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s 2

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs 1

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company 1

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters 1

Cuttino Mobley, Power 1



No doubt Billups was the most notable player to make his BIG3 debut in Week 2, but he wasn’t alone. Due to various injuries, a few other players stepped in. Here’s a rundown of guys you might consider picking up this week:

• Paul McPherson was activated for Power in place of injured captain Corey Maggette, and he scored 10 points (on 4 of 5 shooting) with 7 rebounds and 1 steal. McPherson was very aggressive and in on much of the action when he was on the court. Definitely a player to watch.

• Lou Amundson subbed in for Tri-State captain Jermaine O’Neal and had 6 points, 1 rebound and 1 steal.

• Jannero Pargo suited up for Trilogy in place of captain Kenyon Martin and scored 2 points with 2 rebounds and 1 assist.

• With 3-Headed Monsters co-captain Jason Williams out for the season, Hakim Warrick stepped in and scored 2 points and 1 rebound.



3’s Company has three solid scorers in Andre Owens, DerMarr Johnson and Al Thornton, but they’re facing the best defense in the BIG3 this week. Trilogy is the only team in the league that hasn’t allowed 100 points yet. They’ve allowed an average of 41 points in their two wins. The other seven teams in the league allow an average of 53 points per game. So if you need a free agent pickup from 3’s Company this week, your best bet is probably Owens, since he’ll get you rebounds in addition to points.



After five players registered double-doubles in Week 1, nobody was able to turn the trick last week.



Every fantasy league is different in terms of players who are available each week as free-agent pickups. In a league as cozy as the BIG3, it’s hard to call anyone a “sleeper,” but here are my sleeper picks for each team this week. For this exercise, I’m choosing any player who is not a captain or co-captain:

3’s Company Andre Owens

3-Headed Monsters Kwame Brown

Ball Hogs Rasual Butler

Ghost Ballers Ivan Johnson

Killer 3s Reggie Evans


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